Print all the names of student in alphabetical order by gender in java 8 using Stream API

This question is some tricky, you have to create enum and student class then sorted the predefined condition in question.

Enum of Gender
public enum Gender {


Person Class with getter , setter and override to string method.
public class Person {
 public Gender getGender() {
  return gender;
 public void setGender(Gender gender) {
  this.gender = gender;
 public Person(String fn, String ln, Gender g){
 public String getfName() {
  return fName;
 public void setfName(String fName) {
  this.fName = fName;
 public String getlName() {
  return lName;
 public void setlName(String lName) {
  this.lName = lName;
 public String fName;
 public String lName;
 public Gender gender;
 public String getName(){
  return getfName()+" "+getlName();
public String toString() {
 return  getfName()+" "+getlName();


and create person and display names

public static void main(String[] args) {
  // TODO Auto-generated method stub

    List<Person> persons=new ArrayList<>();
    persons.add(new Person("Arnolad", "Jones", Gender.MALE));
    persons.add(new Person("Zack", "Jones", Gender.MALE));
    persons.add(new Person("Mary", "Jones", Gender.FEMALE));
    persons.add(new Person("Anna", "Jones", Gender.FEMALE));

{FEMALE=[Anna Jones, Mary Jones], MALE=[Arnolad Jones, Zack Jones]}

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