Angular 2 - Introduction

What is Angular 2?
Angular 2 is an open source JavaScript framework to build web applications in HTML and JavaScript and has been conceived as a mobile first approach.

The beta version of Angular 2 has been released in the March of 2014.

Why to use Angular 2?
Angular 2 is simpler than Angular 1 and its fewer concepts make it easier to understand. You can update the large data sets with minimal memory overhead.It will speed up the initial load through server side rendering.

  1. Angular 2 is faster and easier than Angular 1.
  2. It supports latest the version of browsers and also supports old browsers including IE9+ and Android 4.1+.
  3. It is a cross platform framework.
  4. Angular 2 is mainly focused on mobile apps.
  5. Code structure is very simplified than the previous version of Angular.
  6. Angular 2 has a more powerful templating system then Angular 1.
  7. Angular 2 has simpler APIs, lazy loading, easier debugging.
  8. Angular 2 is much more testable then Angular 1.

  1. If an application is a heavy load, then Angular 2 keeps it fully UI responsive.
  2. It uses server side rendering for fast views on mobile.
  3. It works well with ECMAScript and other languages that compile to JavaScript.
  4. It uses dependency injection to maintain applications without writing too long code.
  5. Everything will be the component based approach.

Angular 2 is mainly rewritten to eliminate the issues we were facing in Angular 1 version consider its performance issue or maintainability in large scale.


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