Anuglar 2 - Part 3 - Installing through Angular-Cli

we can now install the angular 2 cli in our system so that it can be used in the future with ease. It can also used to create the angular project with the simple commands in the terminal

for this we need to follow the following commands. Remember I am using the ubuntu terminal some commands can vary in windows and in mac it may need sudo permission :)

Step 1 
Install Angular-cli globally by using npm install -g angular-cli

Step 2
Make new directory using the command mkdir or whatever other technique you want. For this I am using mkdir myAngApp

Step 3
create a angular app in the above created directory using ng new <name of your project>
like ng new first-app

Step 4
now go to the project directory by cd first-app and then serve the angular project using the ng serve.
Now you can view the project in browser using localhost:3000 or what ever port your system has assigned please view the terminal for the port info.

WOW you have done it Congrats please tune for the next part for more happy coding :)

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