Angular 2 - Part 8 [ Forms ]

Forms in Angular has always been so interesting. We can do lots of stuffs in the forms using a little and simple techniques in angular. Forms are very important in the web applications. Forms are used to login, registrations and also for many stuffs. Dynamic web is not possible without the forms. In angular 1.x we have seen how angular helps us in developing much user friendly forms. In angular 1.x all the forms are template driven where as in angular 2 we can also create a data-driven forms too which are much easier and easy to learn as well.
So in the later two tutorial we will discuss on how we can create two types of forms using angular 2 which are: 
  1. Template-Driven: Most of the logic are included in the template 
  2. Data-Driven: Logic are applied via a internal implementations
Check it out the examples of each type of in the upcoming tutorials. 


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