GO - Basic Variable declaration - Part 3

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Defining variables in the go
we use var to define a variabler in the GO. In GO we put the variable type only at the end of the variable name like:
var variable_name varaiable_type
var muNumber int

we can define multiple variable by this way
var variable1, variable2, variable3 variable_type
var num1, num2 int
here all variable will the of the type vatiable_type

defining the variable with the initial value
var variable_name type = value
eg. var age int = 14

defining multiple variable with intial value
var num1, num2, num3 = 2, 3, 4
// same as num1 = 2, num2 = 3, num3 = 4

lets define three variable without the type and the var keyword with their initial values
vname1, vname2, vname3 := v1, v2, v3
Now it looks much better. Use := to replace var and type, this is called a brief statement.
its simple but it has one limitation: this form can only be used inside of functions. You will get compile errors if you try to use it outside of function bodies. Therefore, we usually use var to define global variables.

blank variable 
"_" is known as blank variable in GO because it's blank :). for eg:
_ , a := 10, 20 
here 20 given to a but 10 is discarded, we will use this on the later examples in real case

NOTE: GO will give compile time error if we didnt use the variable which are already defined.

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