GO - Introduction - Part 1

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What is "go"?
Go or golang is the new programming language developed by google for their most roboost and to manage the large scale application.

Why go?
It is lightweight and more managable and is awesome for the web services and last but not the least it is easy to learn.

What are its features?

  1. Support for environment adopting patterns similar to dynamic languages. For example type inference (x := 0 is valid declaration of a variable x of type int)
  2. Compilation time is fast.
  3. InBuilt concurrency support: light-weight processes (via goroutines), channels, select statement.
  4. Conciseness, Simplicity, and Safety
  5. Support for Interfaces and Type embedding.

But to make it more simpler following features haves been ommited

  1. Production of statically linked native binaries without external dependencies.
  2. No support for type inheritance
  3. No support for method or operator overloading
  4. No support for circular dependencies among packages
  5. No support for pointer arithmetic
  6. No support for assertions
  7. No support for generic programming


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